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The beauty and style of Italian marble was once one of the most sought after wall finishes. Durable and beautifully finished, ornate Italian marble symbolized elegance and exclusivity. Modern decor has of course moved on, with far superior materials now adorning the walls of beautiful homes. 

The high cost of purchase, installation and maintenance of marble finishing is no longer practical. Our statuario range combines the beauty and style of Italian marble with durability, affordability and eco-friendliness. 

Benefits of the Statuario Bathroom Panelling Range

Wet wall statuario bathroom panelling is perfect for walls and bathrooms. Made from high quality laminates, they offer the strength of a waterproof and resistant material. The material not only feels warmer to the touch, but losses heat much more slowly. This saves energy costs incurred in heating bathrooms and homes. 

The tough and durable statuario bathroom panelling is manufactured from tough laminates strongly bound by high grade adhesive. This ensures that they cannot split, break or suffer damage from impact the way stone or marble tiling does. For this reason, they come with a ten year guarantee of durable strength and quality. 

Unlike Italian marble and other stone finishes, our wet wall statuaro range has the following unbeatable benefits:
  • Cheaper yet more durable and resistant to stains and discoloration
  • A simple DIY installation with no need for expert craftsmanship 
  • Can be fitted over all types of walls or tiling for cheaper refurbishments of bathrooms
  • Completely waterproof and watertight
  • Available in a wide range of colours and designs to suit all decor demands
  • Simple to clean and maintain, without costly replacements for breakages
  • Resistant to mold and mildew due to warmer feel which reduces condensation

Statuario Bathroom Panelling Range Specifications

The wet wall statuario range comes in standard heights of 2400mm and in various thickness and widths to fit your particular needs. They also come with a square edge finish as standard, with a tongue and groove finish available for instances where large walls have to be covered. 

They are also available in perfect representations of Italian marble, with the following finishes to choose from:
  • Statuario White
  • Statuario Cream
  • Statuario Grey
  • Statuario Black 

We are more than happy to send you samples on request to help you select the most ideal colours for your taste and preferences. 

The wet wall statuario bathroom panelling is easily fitted using their profiles, or with concealed fixings which include screws and nails. Where required, an adhesive can be provided for this purpose. 

Other accessories such as internal and external corners, end caps and bottom profiles are available in attractive finishes such as polished gold, anodised aluminium and satin white among others. 

For that elegant Italian marble finish look, call us today and pick from our lovely wet wall statuario range of panels. We deliver within 3-5 days once your order is received.
We can deliver anywhere in the UK !
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