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Multipanel Classic Collection


The Multipanel Classic Wall Panel Collection

If you’re looking for an impressive collection of wall panels that can transform your bathroom, then our classic collection is all that you need. We have aimed to capture a whole range of designs and styles that make it easy for you to discover the look you want for your bathroom.

It doesn’t matter whether you are upgrading your existing walls or renovating your bathroom, when you invest in our products, you will benefit from high-quality and a stunning finish that really will turn heads.

Classic Wall Panels That Are Built to Last

Trends come and go but so do products that simply aren’t made to last. What you get with our wall panels is a solution that really does take durability to a whole new level. First of all, you’ll benefit from a 30-year warranty, proving that we have every confidence in our products but you’ll also have a product that will continue to look beautiful.

They have been manufactured using the latest materials because they are made using Forest Stewardship Council certified materials and they are 100% recyclable. What this means is that you can play your role in helping to create a sustainable environment with our products. They won’t scuff or chip and you won’t have to tackle dirty, mouldy grout that can have a negative impact on the look of your walls. You will find a whole range of styles and finishes that really will transform your space beyond anything you ever imagined.

A Range of Designs For Every Bathroom

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer that classic look or something with a touch of modern, we have you covered. You’ll find an amazing selection of products that come in a range of designs, colours and textures such as Riven Marble, Henley Gloss or Jupiter Silver so what you are looking for, it is ready and waiting.

From subtle tones that complement a traditional look to bold colours and textures that bring your space to life, you can create the look you want. What’s more, installation couldn’t be easier thanks to the Hydrolock system that creates a seamless finish but also a watertight joint. All of this ensures your bathroom really does stand out for all the right reasons.

An Easy Bathroom Solution For Every Home

They can be fitted over existing tiles or you can install them directly on your wall, which means that in very little time, your bathroom can have a completely new look. It’s a simple approach to changing your bathroom and there is very little mess, which is another added benefit. Whatever your trend and whatever your decor might be, our range of products are made for everyone. Add light, add colour or add some contrast that creates a unique finish. With our panels, you’re in control of your home and that’s why they’re so popular.

Don’t settle for standard wall solutions such as paint or tiles. Instead, opt for something unique that comes in a range of styles and finishes because creating that dream bathroom is well within your reach.