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Laminate Bathroom Vanity Tops

Vanity surfaces are part of bathroom design, and go a long way to create the perfect decor. Our stylishly elegant wet wall panels can be complimented by laminate bathroom vanity tops in similar or matching designs. 

Just like wet wall panels, laminate vanity surfaces are the ideal choice for the modern bathroom. Available in fantastic shades and finishes, they offer an easier way to bring colour and style into your bathroom. 

Benefits of Laminate Bathroom Vanity Tops

Laminates are tough, durable and cheaper than tiles. Unlike stone or marble tiling, they are resistant to damage or impact and make the perfect choice for vanity tops. 

Laminates are manufactured to high standards in a three layer composite glued together by high grade adhesive. They are specially designed to be long lasting and tough, yet affordable and easy to work with. They have many benefits compared to stone tiling including:
  • Resistant to staining and discolourations
  • Totally waterproof and watertight
  • Easy to install as a DIY job, saving you the cost of hiring an expert
  • Simple to clean, requiring only normal soap and a cloth
  • Warm to the touch unlike tiling
  • Available in a wide range of colours and designs

Laminate vanity tops are easy to work with. They can be easily cut and fixed on any surface include existing tiles. With laminates, you can quickly refurbish your bathroom without the need for expensive demolitions and repair work.

Laminates are also more hygienic, since they create a watertight seal without the use of grouting. This discourages the growth of mold or mildew common on stone and marble tiling. 

Laminate Bathroom Vanity Tops Specifications

Laminate vanity tops are available in a wide selection of designs and colours. These include Sandstone, Sicilian Slate, Galaxy Black, Galaxy White and White Frost among others. You may request a sample of any of your desired colours before you place your order to ensure you select what you like. 

The vanity tops also come in different sizes depending on your requirements. Due to their technical nature, please contact us directly and let us help you select exactly what fits your requirements. Our dedicated technical and sales teams will be able to give you further information to assist you with your selection. 

Quality Guaranteed

All our laminate panels and vanity tops are manufactured to EN438 standards. They will not delaminate, split or break in any way within the ten year period covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. This is to assure you that you have the best and most durable product in the market. 

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