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Few bathroom wall finishes can offer a watertight and totally waterproof surface like wet wall panels. With no grouting required, wet wall panels guarantee a long lasting and moisture resistant seal. 

Although traditional materials such as stone and marble tiling have been popular over the years, their high cost of installation and maintenance makes them an unwise choice given the wide range of quality modern materials available.

High grade laminates made from decades of advanced technology are transforming the way bathroom walls are finished. Cheaper, tougher and more durable, our wet wall Italian range panels are the perfect choice for any selective homeowner looking for high quality finishes. 

Benefits of the Wet Wall Panel Italian Range

Our attractive wet wall and shower panel Italian range of panels are inspired by the popular warm and earthly colours of Italy. Made to provide that homely and cozy feeling, the Italian range is the ideal finish for the modern bathroom. 

Our panels have immense benefits as a material perfected over the course of 30 years. Manufactured to exacting standards, these wet wall panels deliver greater benefits than their stone or marble alternatives. 

For one, they do not require grouting, and are fixed instead with hidden screws, nails or their profiles. This makes them simple to install on your own, without the need to hire an expert. It also provides a water tight seal that does not foster mold or mildew.

Other benefits of the wet wall Italian range include:
  • Easy maintenance since they can be cleaned with only normal soap and a cloth
  • Resistant to staining from hard water, mold or mildew
  • Totally water tight and waterproof
  • Can be installed over existing tiling or any other type of surface
  • Large variety of shades and colours are available
  • Warm feel as compared to tiles for a cozier bathroom
  • Highly resistant to damage from impact unlike tiles

The wet wall and shower panel Italian range comes with a ten year guarantee which underlines their durability and toughness. This is to assure you that no breakage, splitting or delamination will occur over that period of time.

Wet Wall Panel Italian Range Specifications

These range of panels come in 2400mm height as standard, with various widths available for your choice. They are square edged or tongue and grooved where required. 

Make your selection from the following available finishes:
  • Turino Marble
  • Sicilian Slate Natural
  • Sicilian Slate Gloss
  • Rossano Sand
  • Ponente Sand
  • Levanto
  • Copper Sky
  • Byzantine Marble

You may request a sample of the wet wall panels before you make your order to help you select the best finish for your bathroom. We also stock a variety of accessories including internal and external corners, end caps and wet seals among others.

We deliver within 3-5 days depending on your location as soon as we receive your order. Bring a touch of Italy into your home today by selecting our high quality wet wall Italian range panels.

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