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Stone tiles and marble have traditionally adorned bespoke bathroom walls. Their durability and great looks have been sought after for ages. However, times have passed them by as modern alternatives backed by the latest technology become the choice of discerning homeowners.

One product that has completely changed bathroom finishing and decor are our gloss bathroom cladding panels. Made from high grade laminates, these bathroom panels offer the same beautiful finishing but in a greater variety of colours and designs. 

Whats more, our gloss wall panels reduce grime and dirt, ensuring a more hygienic bathroom that is free of stale odours and discolourations. 

Benefits of Gloss Bathroom Cladding Panels

Our gloss wetwall panels come from decades of manufacturing experience and expertise. The gloss bathroom cladding panels consist of a three layered laminate, bonded by tough adhesive for a totally waterproof and durable wall panel. 

This provides several benefits over traditional tile and marble tiling including:
  • A ten year guarantee of fully watertight and waterproof panels. 
  • Easy installation through mechanical means or adhesive, which saves up to 25% on costs.
  • Simple cleaning with normal soap, water and a clean cloth. 
  • No replacement required as compared to tiles, saving maintenance costs over time.
  • No grouting between panels which discourages the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Beautiful designs in a wide variety of colours to rival stone or marble tiles.
  • Crisp and clean glossy finishes for that attractive minimalist appearance. 
  • A more comfortable and warmer feel than tiles, which also reduces condensation that encourages the growth of mold. 
  • Gloss wall panels have better insulation than tiles and loose less heat, saving you energy costs. 

Gloss Bathroom Cladding Panel Specifications

Our wetwall gloss bathroom cladding panels come in stunning colours for that crisp, bold and bright finish. Tough, durable and yet great to look at, the panels consist of a 2400mm standard height with variable widths to match your specific requirements. Although the square edge finish is standard, you may request a tongue and groove finish if your wall is much larger. 

Our laminate panels can be fixed to almost any type of surface, or even over existing tiling. A wide range of accessories and profiles are also available in superb finishes of anodised aluminium and polished gold among other attractive finishes. 

Wet wall panels are the perfect solution for a bathroom makeover without the need for costly reconstructions. 

Even better, we stock a wide variety of glossy colours to match any decor you want. Bright or bold, solid or stunning, our colour selections leave nothing to be desired. 

You can request samples before you order to ensure you select exactly what you prefer. 

Make your choice from the following elegant colours:
  • Red Gloss
  • Purple Gloss
  • Lime Gloss
  • Fuchsia
  • Black Gloss

Enjoy our ten year assurance of quality, which guarantees that the panels will not crack, split or delaminate, and will remain waterproof over that period.

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